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February 1943 

Fallon is training at 
at Petawawa. ... Lt . 
joined AC2 ' s are David 
is in the Army. . . James 

Len Webster is a Flt/Lt. and has been serving in the Middle East. Al 
Robinson is overseas with the Black Watch and writes that he has seen 
Bill Molson, Bill Doheny, Phil Mackenzie, Egan Chambers and Allan 
Boswell, all of that regiment. . . . Rich Peck is transferring from RA 
to RCAF . ... R.W. Roberts is in the Army overseas. . . . Frankie Winser 
when last heard of was serving on the Pacific the RCNVR and expecting 
a transfer to the RN. . . . Paul Colditz, 2nd Bn. Royal Rifles of 
Canada, has been taking a course at Kingston. . . Ted MacTier, Dave 

McConnell and John Ramsey are in the RCAF Derek Atkinson is in 

the RCNVR. . . . Bobbie Stairs came second out of fifty in his first 
term's work at the Royal Naval College. ... J.C. Reid is overseas as a 
Lieutenant in the RCASC... Henry Holden, Prep master, is a F/0 RCAF 
attached RAF, and has been married since going overseas.... Henry 
Federer is with the 31st (Alberta) Reconnaissance Reg ' t . . . . Donald 
Teakle is a Rifleman in the 2nd Bn. Royal Rifles. . . . J.C. and S.A. 
Cothran are Lieuts in the U.S. Army. . . Flt/Lt Andrew Breakey was 
listed in December as missing. . . . P/0 Peter Holt is overseas flying 
bombers.... Gnr. J.N. Mercer has transferred from the 1/57 Bty. RCA 
to No. 1 Can. Radio Location Unit.... AC2 R. 
Dunnville, Ont . ... Lt . G. Harley is training 
Herbert Thornhill is at Brockville. . . . Newly 
Williamson and John Shuter. . . . Gerrie Hanson 
Munster, RCNVR, is at HMCS Cornwallis, Halifax. . . . P.G. Leslie is 
listed as missing... F/0 George Winters Ferry Command, was married on 
Feb. 6th.... D.K. Drury, Capt . Cameron Highlanders of Can., is now 
GSO 3 (Intelligence) at HQ, MDl, London, Ont... Capt. J.G. Ross, 
Royal Rifles of Canada, is liaison officer with Lt . Col. F.W. Clarke, 
S.A.A.G. in Ottawa.... "Joe" Cockfield, at BCS about 1911, is now in 
the Army on the West Coast. . . . Brig. Philip Earnshaw is now a Deputy 
Chief of the General Staff - that makes two out of four for BCS Old 
Boys. . . . George and Mac Clarke are both stationed at Ottawa. ... Lt . 
Col. Lex Smith is on the staff of the District Depot, Quebec; Royal 
Fusiliers. . . . Mr. MacGowan, once a Prep master, is a Lieut, now at 
Brockville.... Lieut. P.B. Hughes, RCNVR, is on the staff of the RN 
College, Esquimault . . . Mr. MacPhail, once chemistry teacher, is in 
the Army. . . "Joe" Nixon is in the Ferry Command. . . H.E. MacKenzie is 
overseas with the Grenadier Guards, 4th Can. Armoured Division... 
Lieut. CD. Sewell is overseas with the 8th Recce Battalion.... I.L. 
Sewell is a private at Huntingdon Training Centre. . . . Russell F. 
Murray, at BCS 1932, has been overseas since 1941 and is a P/0 in a 
Hurricane Fighter Squadron.... A. Ronald Murray, at BCS 1932, was 
with the British Ministry of Aircraft Production, and has transferred 
to the Canadian Dept . of Munitions and Supply as a cost investigator 

of Munitions contracts. . . Colin Rankin, RMR, is an Acting Major 

R.K. Boswell has been promoted to Captain in the Royal Engineers... 
R.R. McLernon has been promoted to Captain. He was with the 5th Light 
AA Bty, and is now with a heavy battery at the School of Artillery in 
England.... John Churchill-Smith, Sub/Lieut, RCNVR, is serving 

with the RN in European waters. . . . David Landry and Bob Powell are 
ratings in the RCNVR. . . . David Wanklyn is taking an NCO course at 
Brockville Brian Lynn is in the Army. . . . 

For many of the above notes we are indebted to Colonel, 
C.G.M. Grier, Director of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. 


A Lent Term with plenty of cold weather and snow has seen the hockey 
and ski creases working overtime. The first hockey team is playing in 
a local league and doing nicely under Gerry Wiggett ' s coaching. The 
line-up is Bill Price in goal, Sheppard, and Hampson on defence. Bono 
Pitfield as centre of first line with Trev Evans (Capt) and Pete Aird 
as wings, while the second line is made up of Finley or Lemieux, 
centre, with McBoyle and Morkill as wings. In case some readers who 
have only just left the School come out with the usual "Those little 
shrimps on the first team? What's the School coming to?" remark, we 
might remind them that shrimps grow and the first six mentioned are 
now over six feet - probably the heaviest first line we have had for 
years. The LCC match should have been played by now, but had to be 
postponed, and will probably take place with the Ashbury game next 
week . 

The first ski team cleaned up in the Eastern Townships Inter- 
scholastic Meet at North Hatley, Johnny Tyler winning the individual 
trophy and the team getting the cup for the best teem score among some 
five schools. The junior team came second in its division, and one of 
its members, Boyd, won the junior individual trophy. The ski platoon 
complete with parkas, packs, skis home-made snowshoes, is one of three 
platoons from E.T. Schools taking part in a scheme at North Hatley in 
a few days, and is supplying the Company Commander for the event. 

Mr. Moffat of Chapman House is the father of a new daughter, Barbara 
Ann, while Mr. Patriquin of Williams House is the father of a new son, 
David Graham. 

The Players' Club is producing Ian Hay's play "Housemaster" on March 
3rd.... tickets and programmes are being printed on the School's own 
presses, now in operation in Mr. Pattison's basement under the expert 
guidance of Mr. Pattison and Mr. Sauerbrei, the Chaplain. 

The scope of Cadet Training has been enlarged, and there are now 
classes on the regular timetable for such studies as signalling, first 
aid, map reading, and the internal combustion engine. 

While a new questionnaire will be sent out, as soon as the press can 
get it printed, to all possible home addresses of old Boys' who may be 
on Active Service, please do not hesitate to send us news of yourself 

and other Old Boys whom you may have run into. . . . address such notes 
to The Editor, BCS Bulletin, and you will be helping not only to 
supply material for this bulletin, but also in the compilation of the 
School War Book and the Old Boys' Notes in the Midsummer issue of the 
School Magazine.. Keep us up to date in such matters as your unit, 
rank and promotions, and any other items that can be told without 
hurting the censor's feelings. ABOVE ALL, if you meet any Old Boys who 
are not receiving this Bulletin, send us their address, or get them to 
do so. 

Since writing these notes it has been brought to our attention that 
Lt . G. Harley has recently acquired a wife.